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    Nowadays everyone wants to know Harpreet Chandi, there is a question in everyone’s mind – who is Harpreet Chandi, why is she known as Polar Preet. Let us tell you that recently, Harpreet Chandi has created a history by traveling alone to the South Pole on 3 January 2022 for 700 miles i.e. 1127 km in 40 days. This is the first black woman to do so, that is, a woman of Indian origin.

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    Harpreet Chandi Biography Details

    Harpreet Chandy is an Indian-origin British Sikh Army officer, and physiotherapist, now known as Polar Preet because Harpreet Chandy became the first “black woman” to complete a single unsupported track to the South Pole. History has been created.

    It took Harpreet Chandi 40 days to cover this historic journey. Harpreet Chandi started this journey on 24 November 2021. When a plane dropped him on the Union Glacier. On the way, they had to face 50 degrees Celsius below zero and strong winds blowing at 70 mph. After fighting many such difficulties, in the end Harpreet Chandi completed her journey to this South Pole in 40 days. That is why Harpreet Chandi is also known as Polar Preet.

    Quick Point – Harpreet Chandi Biography

    NameHarpreet Chandi
    NicknamePolar Preet
    Age32 years as of 2022
    Place of birthUnited Kingdom
    HeightNo info yet
    Work ( Carrier )Army officer and Physiotherapist
    NationalityUnited Kingdom
    EducationBsc – Physiotherapist व Sport
    Master Degree – Exercise therapy
    Quick Point – Harpreet Chandi Biography

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    Q : Who is Harpreet Chandi ?

    Ans : Harpreet Chandi is an Indian-origin British Sikh Army officer and physiotherapist, now known as Polar Preet.

    Q : What is the age of Harpreet Chandi?

    Ans : 32 as of 2022

    Q : Where was the Harpreet Chandi born ?

    Ans : no info yet

    Q : Where is Harpreet Chandi from?

    Ans : United Kingdom

    Q : Who is in the family of Harpreet Chandi?

    Ans : no info yet

    Q : What is the religion of Harpreet Chandi?

    Ans : Sikh

    Q : What is the height of Harpreet Chandi?

    Ans : No info yet


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