Mahatma Gandhi Biography

Mahatma Gandhi ki jivani – history of Mahatma Gandhi biography Hindi,  about Mahatma Gandhi family, father name, mother name, wife name, sons name, birth place, date of death and Hindi quotes.

mahatma gandhi
mahatma gandhi

The name of Mahatma Gandhi comes in the best place in the pages of history, whenever we discuss the history of independence and freedom struggle of our country, we definitely take the name of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi was a peace loving person, who followed the path of truth and non-violence. He believed that what could not be done by bloodshed could be done with peace and non-violence. Seeing this behavior and nature of Gandhiji, people started addressing him as Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi, with the help of this truth and non-violence nature, had thwarted many plans of the British and brought India to the pinnacle of independence.

Let us now discuss some things with you about the biography of Mahatma Gandhi.

महात्मा गांधी की जीवनी ( Mahatma Gandhi biodata in Hindi )

Let us know about some important facts of Mahatma Gandhi’s biography. ( Mahatma Gandhi short biography in Hindi )

पूरा नाम मोहनदास करमचंद गाँधी
उपनाम महात्मा गाँधी
जन्म तिथि 2 अक्टूबर 1869
जन्म स्थान पोरबंदर ( गुजरात )
मृत्यु तिथि 30 जनवरी 1948
हत्यारे का नाम नाथूराम गोडसे
धर्म हिन्दू
जाति गुजराती
शिक्षा बैरिस्टर
पेशा क्रन्तिकारी नेता , लेखक , बैरिस्टर ,पत्रकार
पिता का नाम करमचंद गाँधी
माता का नाम पुतली बाई
पत्नी का नाम कस्तूरबा गाँधी
संतान 4 बेटे – रामदास , देवदास , हरिलाल , मणिलाल
स्लोगन ( Slogan )करो या मारो , भारत छोडो
Mahatma Gandhi Biodata In Hindi

महात्मा गांधी का जीवन परिचय ( about the life of Mahatma Gandhi )

mahatma gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi is also known as the Father of the Nation of India. Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 at a place called Porbandar, a coastal city in present-day Gujarat, India. Mahatma Gandhi’s mother’s name was Putlibai and father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi, who was the Diwan of Porbandar during the British Raj.

इसे भी पढ़े – भारत के राष्ट्रपति द्रौपदी मुर्मू की जीवनी परिचय

महात्मा गांधी का परिवार ( about Mahatma Gandhi family in Hindi )

Mahatma Gandhi’s father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi and his mother’s name was Putlibai. When Mahatma Gandhi was 13 and a half years old, he was married to Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia, 14 years old. We also know Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia by name from Kasturba. Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba had four children Ramdas Gandhi, Devdas Gandhi, Harilal Gandhi and Manilal Gandhi.

महात्मा गांधी की शिक्षा

Mahatma Gandhi’s early education took place in Porbandar. He was very weak in studies and was not even interested in sports. Mahatma Gandhi was very shy and timid in his childhood. He was very weak in all subjects.

When Gandhi was in the New Year, his father Karamchand Gandhi had to move to Rajkot, another princely state of Kathiawar, from job work, where his father got a job first as a counselor and then later as a Diwan.

At the age of 11, Gandhi was enrolled in the nearby school, Alfred High School. Here the performance of his studies was very good as compared to primary education. He had got hold of all his subjects like English, Maths but he was still weak in Geography subject.

His one thing had not changed even then, and that was his handwriting. Maybe the reason was that in childhood he used to write with his finger on the soil or dust. Gandhi was still shy and timid in nature. At the age of 13, Gandhi got married to Kasturba at the age of 14. After marriage, there were many difficulties in his high school studies. Together they would also take care of their house. Because their father was not well at that time. Somehow, Mahatma Gandhi completed his high school education.

After completing high school, he joined Samaldas Arts College for further studies. But leaving his studies in the middle, he came to his family in Porbandar. Gandhi realized again after a few days that he should enroll in college. But this time he thought of doing something different, this time he thought of studying law. Gandhi had been doing all his studies from India till now, so he decided that this time he should go to England. It was a very challenging decision for him, but somehow after persuading everyone, after persuading his family, after persuading his parents, he went to England. On 4 September 1988, Gandhi went to the University College London to study law and become a barrister and returned home after receiving his degree in 3 years. Meanwhile, he had to face many challenges.

महात्मा गाँधी के आंदोलन ( Mahatma Gandhi Movements )

  1. चम्पारण सत्याग्रह ( 1917 )
  2. खेड़ा सत्याग्रह ( 1918 )
  3. खिलाफत आंदोलन ( 1919 )
  4. असहयोग आंदोलन ( 1919 – 1920 )
  5. सविनय अवज्ञा आंदोलन ( 1930 )
  6. स्वराज और नमक सत्याग्रह ( 20 मार्च 1930 )
  7. भारत छोडो आंदोलन
  8. दलित आंदोलन

महात्मा गाँधी के नारे ( Mahatma Gandhi Slogans in Hindi )

  1. करो या मारो
  2. भारत छोडो
  3. किसी की मेहरबानी मांगना , अपनी आजादी बेचना।
  4. भगवान का कोई धर्म नहीं।


Q: महात्मा गाँधी का जन्म कब हुआ ?

Ans: 2 अक्टूबर 1969

Q: महात्मा गाँधी का जन्म कहा हुआ था ?

Ans: पोरबंदर ( गुजरात )

Q: महात्मा गाँधी की मृत्यु कब हुई ?

Ans: 30 जनवरी 1948

Q: महात्मा गाँधी का पूरा नाम क्या है ?

Ans: मोहनदास करमचंद गाँधी

Q: महात्मा गाँधी जयंती कब मनाई जाती है ?

Ans: 2 अक्टूबर

Q: महात्मा गाँधी के बेटो का नाम क्या था ?

Ans: 4 बेटे थे – रामदास , देवदास , हरिलाल और मणिलाल

Q: महात्मा गाँधी के पिता का नाम क्या था ?

Ans: करमचंद गाँधी

Q: महात्मा गाँधी में माता का नाम क्या था ?

Ans: पुतली बाई

Q: महात्मा गाँधी के पत्नी का नाम क्या था ?

Ans: कस्तूरबाई मखंडी कपाडिया ( कस्तूरबा गाँधी )

What we learn !

Friends, today we have discussed Mahatma Gandhi biography, biography, his birth-death, movement towards society, name of parents, names of wife and children, some of his famous slogans (Mahatma Gandhi Slogans in hindi), Discussed about many information about education and etc. Mahatma Gandhi. Hope you liked this article Biography of Mahatma Gandhi. Thank you.

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